Top Canadian Bike Tours

Over the past decade bicycles have turned from only means of transport to the means of sport activity. More and more young people as well as adults choose bicycles for their time spending. People go to local parks as well as travel around the country on these metal horses. As we saw the popularity of biking tours in Canada, we decided to create a short itinerary of the best places to go to on your bike in Canada. The information provided below was collected from the partners’ websites, which our team has started cooperating with. Experts from came up with the fanciest and most exciting places to visit in Canada while riding your bike.

British Columbia

The two main destinations for bicycle trails in this province are Gulf Islands and Kettle Valley Railway. Gulf Islands offer versatility of trails and experiences due to the different nature and world of each island. According to the lovers of bike trails, one should spend at least a week here to experience all the beauty of this place. The important tip that experts give is to have accident lawyers on call should anything happen to you on the way.

The Kettle Valley Railway is also known as KVR. This is an abandoned railroad track in southern BC. It can offer you over 800 km of breathtaking mountain biking trails for multi-day trips.


If you are in love with mountains, then the 290 km bike ride sliding between Banff and Jasper will be just right for you. Though, make sure to train prior to getting here because challenging hills and epic downhill rides are very strict with the amateurs. Generally you will need around five days here to see the beauty of the place.


Ontario is famous for its Niagara River Recreation Trail. Here you will be able not only to cycle, but also see amazing Niagara Falls, enjoy quiet and peaceful riverside paths, a dozen of museums will entertain you with local culture, world-class wineries and an abundance of orchards will guarantee that the cycling here is not something average. This path though long in its distance, is a perfect destination for a family vacation. Being one of the most popular bicycle destinations in the whole Canada, Niagara River Recreation Trail has perfect infrastructure and things to do in case you decide to rest for a couple of days somewhere in the middle.

Generally, Ontario is considered as a perfect destination for warm season, which is from May until October. However, if you love extreme, then winter trails of this long and intriguing path will be waiting for you!

Keep only in mind that you have to contact Toronto bicycle accident lawyers in case of an accident happening on the trail in order to ensure that you will not be involved into the local government’s long trials should anything be broken or damaged in the nature.

While you are planning to take part in a bike tour, it`s time to prepare yourself a bit. Here are main must-have things to consider:

  • pass a basic check out of your bike
  • prepare some food which is rich for carbohydrates (you`ll need a lot of energy)
  • take at least 2 litres of water (talkinkg about quality water, consider checking water filter for home)
  • choose comfortable clothing and shoes
  • don`t forget about sunglasses
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